Beef for Sale!

Friday, December 9, 2022

Beef for sale!

Dakota Lakes is selling quarters, halves, and full beef animals (approximately 18-21 months old) from our “field-finishing” program. Our field-finished animals graze in our pastures and fields throughout their lives. We provide hay when quality forage is lacking. We also feed grains produced on our farm, such as peas, milo, and oilseed meal. This management allows us to keep the cattle out of a feedlot, so that nutrients are returned to our own soils.

The price is $3.25/lb. hanging weight. We may buy back a 2.5” strip steak from you so that we can send it to a lab for nutritional testing. The balance will be due when we receive the hanging weight from the butcher. We have butcher slots reserved at Miler (March 8 and April 19) and Hayes, SD (April 7 and May 5). You will communicate with the butcher regarding how you want your portion cut. You will be responsible for the butcher cost and will pick up your own meat. We will transport the animal to the butcher at no cost. Contact Miranda Trautman, Dakota Lakes Secretary, at 605-224-6357 or to place your order. Checks can be made payable to “Dakota Lakes.”

FYI…The hanging weight is determined by the butcher after the animal has been killed. We anticipate the dressing percentage will be 56-60% of the liveweight. So, a price of $3.25/lb. hanging weight is equivalent to ~ $1.82 - $1.95 / lb. liveweight. Of course, not all of the hanging weight is edible meat. SDSU explains this here: Note that our animals will probably be a little leaner than the steer used in their example, so the dressing percentage and the percentage of trimmed beef taken from the carcass will be a little lower.


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